In your buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices, sheet metal door frames made of galvanized sheet with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm, painted with electrostatic powder apint in the desired ral color; It can be produced and applied in the details of Adjustable Sheet Metal Door Frame, Corner Frame, Block  Frame.

Sheet metal door frames are preferred instead of wooden and aluminum doors in places that are frequently used in terms of service life and durability. Along with the choice of colors and accessories suitable for the decoration of the space, the ease and practicality of cleaning in terms of visuality and hygiene, as well as architectural functionality, are taken into consideration.

MKS Metal Standard colors RAL 1013 , RAL 1023 , RAL 2004 , RAL 3000 , RAL 3020 , RAL 5010 , RAL 5015 , RAL 6005 , RAL 7016 , RAL 7035 , RAL 7040 , RAL 8001, RAL 9002 , RAL 9005 , RAL 9006 , RAL 9010 , RAL 9016 are although ,it can be applied in special requested codes with an additional fee, except for these colors. If a special color is requested, the delivery time may be extended.

Shaft doors, metal doors are painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Product Specifications


Hinge Supply

Hinge supply for sheet metal door frames belongs to the customer. Upon request, opening the hinges on the safes is included in the offer.


Electro static powder paint


PVC seal accessory at the frame

Technical Details